PCR tire mold


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We adopt EDM and CNC process to produce the tire mold.

Plastsea has strict process to guarantee the quality, fabrication time and cost from the beginning to the end.


Ø Check the drawing to make each size and details are clear before production

Ø Communication in English/Russia professionally to guarantee the work efficiency

Ø Whole procedure quality control to avoid any mistake during production

Ø Strictly follow fabrication schedule to control the delivery time

Ø Integrated resource to reduce the cost for customer

Ø Professional custom procedure experience to guarantee the smooth shipment

Ø Quick and professional response for any feedback from user 

Material preparation3D design before production

Fabrication schedule

Rough machining

Fine machining

Fine machining

EDM pattern making


Air vent drilling

Final inspection

Inspection report to user

Package and shipment


This tire mold cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning the segmented tire mold, two piece tire mold,

 steel mold, aluminum mold, etc. 


This dry ice cleaning machine 

is used  to clean the tire

 mold by spraying dry ice 

with high pressure.

Cleaning for top mold 

Cleaning for bottom mold

Before cleaning   

After cleaning

Before cleaning 

 After cleaning 

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