24”-38” bias OTR & AGR tire bladder turn-up tire building machine

This machine has a big range. It is designed to produce both OTR tire and Agricultural tire which can save much cost for tyre factory for two types of tyre production.


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This Tire building machine can be used to produce both bias OTR tire and bias agricultural tire. It can do a big range from one machine to help you save cost.


This TBM can be used for building the green tire of bias OTR tire (such as 14.00-24, 23.5-25, 25.1-26) and bias agricultural tire (such as 12.4-24, 14.9-24,14.9-30,14.9-34, 18.4-34, 18.4-38); We can design the building range based as your real requirement.

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