Tread strip winding line of OTR/AGR radial tire


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This production line is used for coating and forming for tire tread and sidewall of radial OTR  tire and agricultural tire. The rubber strip from pin cold feeding extruder is squeezed and formed to certain size through profiling roll, then the rubber strip temperature decreases to a certain temperature through cooling unit, transmit to winding device. The wrapping device interacts with forming machine, through winding head’s three-dimensional movement (horizontal, vertical and longitudinal rotation) and through tire building drum’s rotation, the rubber strip according to setting program wraps three-dimensional tire drum with required shape, size and weight. And thus it achieves one-time tread forming. The whole wrapping line is linkage, with closed loop control. After various parameters are set in industrial control machine and PLC, the whole process automatically finishes.

1. Cold feed extruder 2. profiling device 3. Cooling drum 4. conveyering unit

5. Strip winding device, 6. Building machine 7. Electric control device

Technical feature

Ø Continually winding on radial OTR /Agricultural tire building drum for one-time forming of tire tread and sidewall

Ø Computer control, intelligent profile, tread shape parameter input and modification are easy

Ø The synchronous tracking for tread shape, size and weight

Ø According to the shape of the tread size to realize two-way multi-layer strip winding

Ø Has memory function. When stop during emergency stop, it can guarantee the previous winding data are not lost. When back to normal work, it can continue previous winding process, and ensure the precision of winding tread

Ø The whole production line adopts linkage control to realize the automation of wrapping process

Ø Easy for management. It can inquire tread shape, size, weight and curve during wrapping process, and can produce production process in a certain period.





Strip winding speed



Max horizontal stroke for winding

1600mm (adjustable)


Max. longitudinal stroke for winding

1000mm (adjustable)


Max rotary angle for winding







Tread weight tolerance after strip winding

±1kg (tread winding weight<50kgs)

±2% (tread winding weight >50kgs)


Tread thickness tolerance after strip winding



Rubber sheet temperature during strip winding



Rubber strip size

Width 60-80mm, Thickness4-6mm

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